About the Estonian office

IMG Numeri is the largest company in Estonia that provides accounting services for more than 20 years.

IMG Numeri is the leading company in its field in Estonia. We have newly established small companies among our clients, as well as international groups with their subsidiaries and branches that conduct businesses in the Baltic States. IMG Numeri operates in three Baltic States and provides daily services to more than 600 clients engaged in very different businesses.

Our office

Our office is located near the center of Tallinn and only 10 minutes from Tallinn Airport.
We offer complete accounting services in three languages: Estonian, English and Russian.

Corporate Homepage

For additional information about us, please visit our homepage www.numeri.ee

The principal services we provide include

  • Accounting services
  • Additional accounting services
  • Annual reports
  • Administrative service
  • Advisory services
  • Payroll accounting
  • Services for non-residence

Information about new partner in Denmark will soon be announced. Activities regarding Denmark are currently being taken care of by the Norwegian and Finnish office.
Please contact: Andreas Helset or Marcus von Schantz


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