The partners of Nordic Accounting have worked together since 2001 with common clients, reference work and sharing working methods and quality improvement issues. To formalize our working relationship, Nordic Accounting was established in May 2009 as a joint venture between Accounting Services Tilimatic (Finland) and BTR Accounting and Payroll Services (Sweden).  In January 2011 Norwegian EconPartner joined the partnership. Virtus (Iceland) and IMG Numeri (Estonia) joined the partnership in March 2016. The five partners are all well-established companies in their own markets and share the same values of high quality, competence and full confidentiality.

What we offer

Our network offers great benefits to our clients. These include efficient and up to date communication and combined reporting for multiple countries. Contract, all client contacts and payment is carried out with a single partner, who ensures the services are delivered according to your specifications. Our integrated approach is based on understanding the specific conditions in conducting business in the Nordic countries.


Information about new partner in Denmark will soon be announced. Activities regarding Denmark are currently being taken care of by the Norwegian and Finnish office.
Please contact: Andreas Helset or Marcus von Schantz


IMG Numeri is the largest company in Estonia and operates in three Baltic States. We provide daily services to more than 600 clients engaged in very different businesses.


Established in 1979 AST is one of the leading companies in its field, with broad experience in Finnish and international accounting.


Virtus was established in 2001. We take pride in analyzing, understanding and meeting our customer´s needs.


We are one of the leading companies providing a wide range of accounting services and financial consultancy for more than 15 years.


We are one of the most experienced companies providing a wide range of accounting services and financial consultancy for more than 10 years.


EconPartner was established in 1961, and is thus one of the oldest authorised bureaus in Oslo.


KlaraPapper, established in 1998, is one of the leading independent companies in Sweden providing payroll, accounting and financial reporting services to Swedish and international companies.

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